Mini Eggs

  • Giant Mini Egg Cookie – Easter skillet cookie

    April 13, 2022Sew-White

    A giant Mini Egg Cookie has to be the go-to dessert this Easter. This Easter skillet cookie is made in an oven-safe frying pan and produces a delicious Easter chocolate cookie that everyone will love. Will you eat the cookie straight from the pan or dish it up first? You can make the giant mini egg cookie dough in advance and cook when ready so you can enjoy the chunky mini egg cookies straight from the oven. This would also make a great giant birthday cookie for an Easter birthday.

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  • Mini Egg Rice Krispie Treats – Easy chocolate rice krispie tray bake

    March 17, 2022Sew-White

    Easter means all things Mini Eggs and of course, that includes these easy Mini Egg Rice Krispie Treats. A mix of chocolate, marshmallow, rice krispies, more chocolate and of course lots of mini eggs. These are so easy to make and a perfect Easter treat and party food. Easter rice krispie squares also make a great edible Easter present to share with friends and family. The more Mini Eggs the merrier.

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  • Chocolate Mini Egg Cookies Recipe

    March 13, 2022Sew-White

    If you love chocolate and cookies you will absolutely love my Easter Chocolate Mini Egg Cookies. Chocolate cookies studded with Cadbury mini eggs are a tasty treat and an easy Easter cookie recipe. Mini Egg Easter cookies are great fun for the family and make a great edible Easter gift too.

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  • Mini Egg Blondies – Easy Easter Blondies

    March 7, 2022Sew-White

    If you love mini eggs as much as I do you are going to love this mini egg blondies recipe. It’s an easy blondies recipe that is packed full of mini eggs. There are mini eggs in the blondies and on top of them too. The blondies are sweet and have a lovely vanilla flavour which works so well with the mini eggs to not overpower them. A lovely alternative Easter nest to gently cradle your chocolate Easter eggs. I hope you love this easy Easter blondie recipe as much as I do.

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  • Easy Easter Meringue – Mini Egg Easter Pavlova

    February 3, 2021Sew-White

    This Easter Meringue recipe is the perfect Easter treat. The gorgeous meringue is light, it is topped with a fluffy vanilla cream layer and then decorated with chocolate eggs to add that gorgeous Easter flavour and look. Of course, I had to make this a mini eggs pavlova recipe. Their beautiful colour is too good to pass up for anything Easter baking I think. An Easter pavlova is the perfect thing to serve for an Easter party or as a perfect centrepiece for the Easter table. This Easter egg pavlova is easy to make and perfect to make with the…

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  • Flapjack Easter Nests

    April 13, 2020Sew-White

    These Flapjack Easter Nests are so easy to make and taste delicious. They are baked in a cupcake tin and once baked turned into nests ready to decorate. The Mini Egg flapjacks are so easy to make and perfect for children to decorate. They are also brilliant for Easter party snacks and spring picnics.

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  • Individual Cheesecakes for Easter – Mini Egg Cheesecake

    April 10, 2020Sew-White

    These Easy Mini Egg Individual Cheesecakes are a super easy and cute way to make an Easter desserts. These no bake Easter cheesecakes are made of a vanilla cream base with chopped in mini eggs stirred in. Mini cheesecakes are so easy to make perfect for a quick dessert but also great for summer picnic food too! I hope you enjoy these individual mini egg cheesecakes.

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  • 25+ Recipes Using Mini Eggs

    April 7, 2020Sew-White

    Mini Eggs are possibly the best part of Easter baking and eating. The gorgeous milk chocolate eggs with sugar shells, decorated in their iconic pastel colours are so tempting and delicious. No wonder the UK eats hundreds of millions of packets each year. Mini Eggs are versatile for creating delicious Easter recipes so I’ve rounded up the best Recipes Using Mini Eggs from the best food bloggers for you this Easter.

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  • Mini Egg Cookie Bars – easy mini egg cookie traybake

    March 30, 2020Sew-White

    My Mini Egg Cookie Traybake takes my cookie tray bake recipe and gives it a super Easter twist. It’s pretty much a chunky cookie dotted with mini eggs.

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  • Easy Mini Egg Pancakes

    March 29, 2020Sew-White

    My Easy Mini Egg Pancakes are a super delicious treat for mini egg fans, with mini eggs chopped up inside and on the top. Breakfast and Brunch sorted.

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  • Easter Pinata Cake

    March 19, 2019Sew-White

    A wonderful and beautiful show stopping Pinata Easter cake. The Duck egg blue icing is speckled with cocoa powder and when you cut in, you will find there are hidden Easter eggs inside. This Easter Pinata Cake will wow your guests and act as a beautiful centre piece for your Easter lunch. Every Easter table deserves a beautiful speckled egg cake centre piece and this is one for the whole family. Enjoy my Speckled Easter Pinata Cake recipe this Easter. Easy to make and delicious.

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