Autumn Harvest Sausage Tray Bake

This time of year is the best time for seasonal vegetables. I love a big roast vegetable tray bakes and this abundance of food all on offer at the supermarkets makes it a wonderfully economic dinner.

Sew White harvest autumn sausage tray bake 1

The recipe for the sausage tray bake is pretty simple; for 3 people
-6 sausage
-4 red onions
-1 pepper
-3 sweet potatoes
-2 carrots
-a handful of baby tomatoes
-2 cloves of garlic

This is my starter vegetable tray bake and then depending on whats on offer and seasonal I add extra goodies. For autumn I have included lots of beetroot, pumpkin and a butternut squash.

What I love about these vegetable tray bakes is it’s easy way to use up a few odd vegetables you have and you can make as much or as little as needed.

To make a loose gravy/sauce I add a good glug of apple juice as it compliments the sausages very well.

Add a sprinkle of salt and pepper and a few dried herbs, a drizzle of olive oil and bake. I bake for about 1 hour, if you cut up the chunks large it will take longer to bake.

The vegetables are gorgeous and it tastes amazing.

Sew White harvest autumn sausage tray bake 2

I love pumpkins! They taste amazing.

Sew White harvest autumn sausage tray bake 3

All the gorgeous vegetables ready for the oven.

Sew White harvest autumn sausage tray bake 4

Ready to eat yum yum!

Sew White harvest autumn sausage tray bake 5
Happy harvest vegetables x

Cold Brew Tea Review

I love tea. I’m sure you know that and the chance to try any tea I will take. I do love tea.

This summer iced teas have been popular and now there is such a thing as cold brewed tea.
I know what you are thinking. It almost seems slightly sacrilegious to brew tea cold but I do love tea so I gave it go.

Whittard cold brew tea review Sew White 1

Of course cold brew tea takes a lot longer to brew and using this gorgeous filter-in bottle from Whittard I made up some tea and left it over night. The bottle is huge and is lovely in itself. It’s nice to hold and is pretty much water tight but I would be careful if taking it out as it doesn’t screw on but it is pretty tight. I’ve made a full bottle of tea and then decanted it into a smaller bottle to take out which worked very well as the bottle can start it’s cold brewing journey again.

I love that the bottle is called the T filter-in Bottle. If you love tea the initial T will do! It is £20 but I think it’s a good price for what you get and being able to brew over night is really nice. A good buy or present for any tea fan.

To start with I tried the mango and bergamot tea from Whittard for cold brewing. The smell of the tea is stunning and the cornflowers and flecks of yellow and pink added something wonderful to the tea. It was nice to see the colours of the tea instead of them being hidden in a teapot as usual.

Whittard cold brew tea review Sew White 2

Here is the tea in the cold brew bottle before and after adding the water. The colours are stunning.

Whittard cold brew tea review Sew White 3

After a night in the fridge the tea was brewed and was delicious. I did expect a hot drink each time I took a drink. I really loved it. The colour of the tea was a bit green and my friends did ask why I was drinking pond water. Haha very funny. No tea for them.

I’ve found that most teas I have tried have worked very well and I would recommend even trying Earl Grey. Fruit teas and green teas work very well. It’s a nice night time ritual to put the bottle in the fridge to brew up for the morning. I love coming downstairs in the morning to see how the tea looks and tastes.

I really loved it and I can’t wait to try more teas as a cold brew. I’ve currently got a rose tea brewing.

Whittard cold brew tea review Sew White 4
If you are interested in cold brew tea you can find out more at Whittard. Here is the link to the Cold Brew T Bottle.

It’s time for a Sainsbury’s Makeaway

I love a good takeaway and I was so excited to hear about the new makeaway range by Sainsbury’s. It’s quick and tasty cooking. There are Indian, Chinese, Italian and Thai ranges available and I went for the Thai range. I love Thai food. I am a Thai food addict.

by Sainsbury's Makeaway thai food review 1

What I like about this new range is it’s mostly store cupboard/pantry items which you add meat and fresh veg too when you’re ready. Perfect for having in the cupboard and it’s quick. Faster than ordering a takeaway and there wasn’t too much washing up!

I absolutely loved the spicy Thai crackers with the sweet chilli dipping sauce. They’ve already been added to the shopping list for next time. Very yummy and moreish.

First up I wanted to try the Pad Thai stir fry sauce. I love stir fry. I bought a few chicken pieces, 1 lime, ready to wok noodles and eggs.
The instructions were very easy to follow and we all loved the addition to make the noodles sticky using the egg. It made the stir fry really nice. I might add more eggs next time to make it more like egg fried noodles.

by Sainsbury's Makeaway thai food review 2

The addition of the chopped peanut topping was also lovely. A bit of crunch to the soft noodles.

My only little problem was there wasn’t much sauce in the packet to cover all the ingredients even though it said for 2. Next time 2 packs!

Sainsbury's Makeaway thai food review 3

I love the new makeaways from Sainsbury’s. Far cheaper than a takeaway and very easy to make.

Next up Green Thai curry using the curry paste and sticky Thai rice.

Yuzu Citrus Seasoning Salad Dressing

There is a gorgeous new (new to me) citrus seasoning from Yutaka. It was lovely and citrus-lemony and works on so many things without any extra ingredients. I have two salad dressings I love to make with it. The Yuzu is a lemon like fruit from East Asia and has a gorgeous citrus taste. Apparently it’s even nice on ice cream! I have to try this.

Yuzu citrus seasoning review 1

The first one goes well with tomatoes and especially with the roasted tomato salad on my blog here

2 tablespoons of Yuzu citrus seasoning
4 tablespoons of olive oil
1 teaspoon of grainy mustard
sprinkle of salt

Mix altogether and drizzle over salad. Add a little more mustard or Yuzu to taste to get the best flavour for you.

Simple and stunning x

Yuzu citrus seasoning review 2

The second of the dressings I have used the Yuzu seasoning with is a soy sauce dressing which works well on Asian inspired salads.

2 tablespoon of Yuzu citrus seasoning
2 tablespoons of sweet chilli sauce
3 tablespoons of fish sauce
1 teaspoon of sugar
fresh red chilli to taste

Mix it all together and enjoy and over watercress and other peppery salad leaves with beef and rice. Yum yum.

I now need to get some more Yuzu!

I was sent a bottle Yuzu seasoning to try and review. All opinions and recipes are my own.

Sourdough Trials

I’ve been trying to improve my sourdough and this was my result on my last attempt.
It looks lovely. It didn’t rise as much as I thought it would based on my past attempts.

Sew White sourdough 1

I found out my air tight jar wasn’t as air tight as it should have been which might have been why the sourdough didn’t work the same way it used to.

I love sourdough bread and I won’t give up this easily. It’s time to start a new sourdough so today I will be going out and getting some grapes, new strong white flour and new jar air tight jar.

Sew White sourdough 2Even if the dough didn’t rise enough as it usually does but the crumb structure was good and it tasted brilliant which is half the battle.
I also have a brand new large round banneton to try out which I’m very excited about.

Easy Tomato Salsa

I love a tomato salsa. It’s brilliant with salad, on burgers and even mixed into a pasta.

Sew White easy tomato salsa 1


-300g-400g tomatoes approximately 4-6 large tomatoes
-1 red onion
-2 cloves of garlic
-red chilli to taste
-2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar
-3 tablespoons of olive oil
- Salt and pepper

-Chop up everything as finely as you like. I’ve popped it in the food processor before but I like it chunky
-Add the salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
-Mix it all together and enjoy.

Sew White easy tomato salsa burger

Amaretto Tea and Marzipan Bundt Cake

It was European Bake night on the Bake Off this week and to celebrate I made a fabulous and utter fantastic Amaretto Tea and Marzipan Bundt/kugelhopf. It was a very special cake and is easy to make too. The almond taste makes this cake more like a pudding than a cake.

How gorgeous is this cake!

Sew White Amaretto tea and marzipan bundt recipe uk 1
For the amaretto flavour I used the lovely Amaretto tea from Whittard.
The smell of this tea, as well as the taste, is so strong and calming but also makes you hungry.

Sew White Amaretto tea and marzipan bundt recipe uk 2


-220g butter
-450g white caster sugar
-4 medium eggs
-350g plain flour
-½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
-tiny pinch of salt
-350g vanilla yoghurt
-60g Amaretto tea from Whittard

-50g Marzipan cut into little chunks (I tried grating it but it was too soft)

-200g icing sugar
-a few drops of water
-purple food colouring paste
- a few teaspoons of the Amaretto tea from Whittard


  1. Preheat the oven to gas 150 degrees.
  2. Grease the tin well. I use melted butter and paint it on with a pastry brush and when that has cooled a dusting of flour which helps to find any places on the tin I’ve missed to grease. A good tip especially if  you’re using a more decorative and ornate tin.
  3. Cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
  4. Add the eggs one at a time until added in, try not to over mix.
  5. In a separate bowl measure out and sieve the flour, bicarbonate of soda and salt.
  6. Add the yoghurt to the butter/egg mix.
  7. Sift in the flour, bicarb and tea and mix slowly until all the flour has disappeared. If you using a mixer make sure you scrape the bowl to make sure everything is mixed in.
  8. Add the Amaretto tea and marzipan and mix in well.
  9. Add the mixture to the tin and bake in the centre of the oven for about 1 hour 15 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean. When the cake pulls away from the edge of the tin the cake is ready.
  10. Allow the cake to cool in the tin before turning out.
  11. Make the icing by adding a few drops of water at a time to the icing sugar to make a thick icing.
  12. Add a little food colouring. I chose a light purple to compliment the amaretto tea.
  13. When the cake is cooled dribble the icing over and decorate with the tea. A strong thick icing won’t run off the cake too much. Thick icing on a cake is always good.
  14. Sprinkle the tea on so it sticks as the icing dries.
  15. Enjoy!

Happy Baking x

I used the stained glass bundt tin from Nordic Ware for the cake. It is a gorgeous cake tin and produces wonderful results.

Sew White Amaretto tea and marzipan bundt recipe uk 3I hope you like it.

The Best Ice Cream of the Summer

Ice cream is good all year round but with the gorgeous hot summer we’ve had it’s been the pudding and snack of choice. I love ice cream and love trying new flavours. This year Ben & Jerry’s have bought a host of new ice cream flavours and these three were my favourite. I of course tried all I could to pick my favourites and it was a very hard job but someone has to do it.

Sew White Ben & Jerry's
In the last year I have really discovered how much I love peanut butter and this is why I had to try it in ice cream. I needed to know what it would taste like and how it would work. It was amazing. The peanut butter ice cream with Reese’s Pieces cups in was a treat. Oddly, and against what I would have thought, it tastes brilliantly with fresh strawberries.

I like Greek Yoghurt so I was very curious to see how that had been turned into ice cream but also with a strawberry cheesecake flavour. The strawberry swirl for the strawberries was intense and really good. The cheesecake biscuit bit was good too. I was worried that biscuits would have gone a bit soggy in the ice cream but they hadn’t. Yum.

I’ve tried to take a few photos of the ice cream in bowls but as soon as it’s served it’s gone. Even I was too excited to not eat it and remember photograph it.

The Peanut Butter Me Up flavour was peanut butter and jelly and I know it’s a famous sandwich filling in the USA but I had never tried the flavour combo. It is odd but lovely. The tub of this didn’t last long at all.

To try all the flavours we played ice cream roulette. It is as fun as it sounds. I put loads of scoops of all the ice creams we had on to a plate with no labels and we all tucked in. It was a lot of fun and luckily all the flavours were good so there wasn’t anything shocking to find.

Even though it’s getting colder the ice cream isn’t going anywhere!

Spanish Hot Chocolate from Culture Vulture Direct

The nights are drawing in and this means three lovely things. The heating is going on, the jumpers are coming out and it’s time for hot chocolate!

I had the very hard task (wink wink) or trying this lovely hot chocolate from Spain which is available from Culture Vulture Direct.

Culture Vulture Direct hot chocolate 1

It’s made from an authentic hot chocolate recipe where the cocoa beans are stone ground.

Unlike a lot of other hot chocolate powders this smells like chocolate, rich and very inviting.
The instructions on the packet say to add 2 teaspoons of hot chocolate to 1 cup of milk. It was nice but adding 3 teaspoons was far nicer. I love that it didn’t have a chemically sugary taste like many hot chocolates it tasted more grown up and rich – especially with more of the chocolate powder.

Culture Vulture Direct hot chocolate 2

I had to try it with a bit of cream on top for research sake of course!

Culture Vulture Direct hot chocolate 3

This huge hot chocolate pot won’t last long as it tastes so good.

Thank you so much Culture Vulture Direct for giving me this hot chocolate try and review.

No-Bake Baking Cookbook Giveaway

no-bake baking cook book giveaway

To celebrate the return of the Great British Bake Off I have 1 copy of the fabulous No-Bake Baking by Sharon Hearne-Smith to giveaway.

Filled with gorgeous recipes and an element of fun this book is a fabulous addition to your cookbook selection.

To enter the giveaway fill in the Rafflecopter giveaway below and comment on this blog post answering the question ‘What is your favourite pudding or dessert?’

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