Mediterranean Inspired Scrambled Eggs

I have been asked to take part in a egg shaped January challenge with Happy Eggs.

The challenge was to make fantastic scrambled eggs with a) vegetable or meat/fish, b) a herb or spice and c) surprise ingredient.

I raided through my fridge and found that a lot of the items I had were from countries around the Mediterranean. I had lots of hams and cured meats from Spain and Italy, herbs and spices from France and cheese from all three. I decided that my scrambled eggs would have to be Mediterranean inspired.

Sew White Mediterranean Inspired Scrambled Eggs 1
Serves 2
- 6 eggs
- 2 tablespoons of single cream
- 50g of chorizo cut up into medium sized chunks
- 20g Parmesan cheese (I just grated it a few times would be about 20g I think)
- a sprinkle of Herbs de Provence
- pinch of salt and pepper
- teaspoon of butter

- In a bowl whisk up the eggs and cream.
- Add the cheese, herbs, salt, pepper and chorizo and whisk together.
- If you are having toast put that on. The eggs cook very fast!
- Heat up a non stick pan on a medium heat and add a teaspoon of butter.
- Add the eggy mix and keep it moving.
- When it’s cooked serve it straight away on hot buttery toast.
- I sprinkled a little extra Herbs de Provence on top. I love the taste.
- Enjoy!

Here is the gorgeous mix ready to go in the pan. It smelled amazing!

Mediterranean Inspired Scrambled Eggs 2

I served it on thickly sliced country style grain bread. It was delicious. I really liked the big chunks of chorizo and the taste of Parmesan and Herbs de Provence were so delicious. I will be making this again!

Mediterranean Inspired Scrambled Eggs 3

Healthy smoothies and milkshakes with Lactofree

I am very excited to share that I have been made one of the Lactofree Ambassadairies (good pun) and given the opportunity to make lots of milk shakes and smoothies using lactofree milk and cream to make some tasty drinks.

These have been my favourite experiments so far. They are all quick, healthy and very very tasty. Expect more smoothies/milkshakes of the day recipes on my social media pages Instagram @sewwhite , Twitter @sewwhite and

Spinach, banana, ginger and Lactofree milk
1 handful of spinach, 1 banana, 1cm portion of ginger skin removed and cut up into chunks and then filled up to the max line with lactofree milk.
Whizz up until smooth and serve straight away. I was surprised that it didn’t go bright green with all the spinach. Nice to feel full of vitamins!

sew white banana, spinach, ginger, milk smoothie

Frozen forest fruit, banana, mint and lactofree milk.
I used 4 tablespoons of fruit, 1 banana, 6 mint leaves and topped up the rest with lactofree milk. Whizz up and enjoy! Serve in a cocktails glass to make it more special. This makes a great pudding.

sew white forest fruit, banana, mint, milk smoothie

Banana, milk and fresh ginger.
This has to be my favourite so far. It was so fresh and really helped with recovering from the flu. The ginger gives a really strong kick so don’t use as much unless you want it strong.
1 banana, 1cm fresh ginger peeled and topped up with milk to the max line. Whizz and enjoy!

sew white banana ginger smoothie

Frozen forest fruits, spinach, ginger and lactofree milk
4 tablespoons of frozen fruit, a hand full of spinach, 1cm chunk of ginger and topped up to the max line with lactofree milk.

This was very fresh and zingy from the ginger. It felt and tasted healthy but also like a sweet treat.

sew white forest fruit, spinach, banana smoothie

I absolutely love the Nurti Ninja and it’s so strong and makes smoothies and milkshakes so quickly. It’s brilliant.

Sew White smoothies

Disclaimer - I was sent the Nutri Ninja from Lactofree to come up with my own original recipes.

Personalised Chocolate Bars with Yucoco

I am a chocolate addict and getting to try and eat chocolate is a job I am all too willing to try. This week I have had the pleasure of making a chocolate bar with all my favourite things set into it with the fabulous company Yucoco. is a personalised chocolate bar company who have a huge selection of tasty ways to tailor make a chocolate bar just for you. You can also name your bar so I called mine The Sew White Bar. It made me very happy. The bars cost less than £10 each and I think that is a brilliant price for such a personalised product. The bars measure 10.5cm x 13.5 and rather thick slabs so you get a great amount of the special treat for the price.

Sew White Yucoco personalised chocolate bar 1

Their website is so easy to use and is set out like a conveyor belt. Pick your base chocolate; dark, milk, white or a mix and then pick up to 5 toppings to go on top. The choice of toppings is huge and trying to pick only 5 is hard. There are fruit pieces including dried banana, blueberries, pineapple, candid peel and mango. The nut selection includes homemade florentine, chocolate ginger, yogurt coated raisins, roasted peanuts, Brazil nuts, almonds and peanut brittle. The All things nice category is indeed very nice and has lovely things like; marshmallows, raspberries, rose petals, violets, sour cherry, fudge, toffee, salted caramel, mini eggs, sprinkles and coffee beans. The fun section has wasbi peas, vanilla seasalt, granola and glitter. The drizzle section is fun too. Have your chocolate bar drizzled with coffee, orange, chilli flavoured chocolate. I want everything in one bar.

On one side of the bar is this gorgeous Yucoco logo decoration and the other is your personalised bar. I love the shape of the bar. It’s also incredibly thick so breaking it is hard. I had to bash it with a rolling pin.

Sew White Yucoco personalised chocolate bar 2

Here is my personalised bar. I went for dark chocolate base with mini marshmallows, heart sprinkles, rose petals, popping candy and homemade florentine. It is delicious! The chocolate base is so thick and very rich you only need a little bit at a time. I like that it will last a few days. It’s such a pretty bar! Almost too good to break. Almost!

Sew White Yucoco personalised chocolate bar 3

 A delicious close up of toppings. The florentine is so good and sticky in the hard chocolate. I love the mix of hard chocolate, crispy rose petals, soft marshmallows, sugary sprinkles, gooey florentine and crumbly popping candy.

Sew White Yucoco personalised chocolate bar 4

This would make a wonderful gift for birthday’s or even Valentine’s Day. And to tempt you further Yucoco has give me a 10% discount for my blog readers. Use the code ‘justforyu2015‘ at the checkout . It’s valid until 1/3/15.

Sew White Yucoco personalised chocolate bar 5

Treat yourself or someone you care about today! x

Valentine’s Day iced biscuits with the Cake Decorating Store

Making iced biscuits for a special occasion is something I really love. I will take any excuse to get baking and the Cake Decorating Store set me a mini challenge to create something tasty and pretty for Valentine’s Day.Sew White cake decorating store Valentine's Day iced biscuits 1
The Cake Decorating Store have a gorgeous range of baking and decorating accessories. They also have a fabulous and affordable range of ready to roll icing in gorgeous colours. A really great one stop shop for all your baking needs. I love their range so much. My shopping list is huge!

I was sent this gorgeous package of Valentine’s Day goodies including a huge selection of heart cutters (I had no idea there were so many heart shapes), candy melts, sugar paste in cream and soft pink, big heart sprinkles, little heart sprinkles and a mix of pink sprinkles too. I love that the sprinkles come in a pot with a proper lid. I’m so accident prone anything to stop me spilling them is a god send!

Sew White cake decorating store Valentine's Day iced biscuits 2

I went a little nuts making the vanilla biscuits and used all the cutters to see how they looked. I really love this big elegant heart shape and the mini heart the best of all the cutters.

I tried rolling blobs of the different coloured sugar paste together and it made this beautiful stripey mix. I really love it over the single colour. It really made the biscuits more special.

Sew White cake decorating store Valentine's Day iced biscuits 3

My favourite combination was a thin piece of fondant on the biscuit with these sprinkles on. The sprinkles taste nice and the texture on the tongue is lovely too. the big heart sprinkles are a delight and are fabulous for decoration. I really liked the little hearts with a layer of sugar paste and then one big heart sprinkle on top. It looked so lovely and would be great as a party treat or wedding favour.

Sew White cake decorating store Valentine's Day iced biscuits 4

The heart shaped sprinkles were very cute but I think I loved the others more. The hearts had a nice taste and were very crunchy. I love the pink colours too. I’m not a pink person but these tones are nice and they look so pretty!

I tried dipping the biscuits in the candy melts which didn’t work very well so I didn’t include the photos. I think with a stronger biscuit it might have worked but they sadly went soggy. boo.
These have to be my most favourite of the biscuits I made.

Sew White cake decorating store Valentine's Day iced biscuits 5
I had so much fun making these Valentine’s Day biscuits but far more fun enjoying them with afternoon tea!

Urban Fruit – just fruit

I like a snack and these new fruit packets from urban fruit are delicious.

Sew White urban fruit review
My first thought about these would be very sugary and probably unhealthy but to my surprise they are just fruit. Unaltered and unmessed with fruit. It’s just simple pieces of fruit lightly baked. It’s very simple but the results are delicious. They don’t add anything bad or sugary to make them thank goodness. They still taste sweet like the fruit does regularly. The fruit is also still very soft which I didn’t expect. It’s nice to be able to recognise the fruit pieces you’re eating.

The snack packs are my new friends and I have a few squirreled away for days I need them. I’ve got a strawberry pack in my handbag for munchies when I’m about shopping or walking somewhere. Also very good for cycling with as a post cycle snack. The packet fits very well in my coat pocket. It’s nice not to have a sugary snack for once.

These are also great for baking with. The pieces of fruit are strong enough to with stand being baked in biscuits and stay soft too. Mango and chocolate chip cookies were amazing. I want to try some of the other flavours to bake with.

As well as mango and strawberry they also have cherry, pineapple, apple & pear, cherry, blueberry & blackcurrant and tropical mix. I want to try them all.

Warm Fruit Meringue Pudding for Valentine’s Day

A gorgeous meringue flavoured with black forest icing sugar served with mixed berries, chocolate and cream. Delicious.

Sew White Warm Fruit Chocolate Meringue Pudding Valentine's Day 1

Feeds 6 hungry people (can be served cold 2-3 days after it’s made)

Meringue Ingredients

- 4 large egg whites at room temperature
- 120g caster sugar
– 120g icing sugar (I used Sugar and Crumbs Black Forest Icing)
– 20g cocoa powder


- Preheat the oven to 100°C and line two baking trays with greaseproof paper.
Using a mixer whisk the egg whites until they start to make stiff peaks.

– With the whisk still going start to add one tablespoon of sugar at a time until it’s mixed in well. The mix will go shiny.
– Remove the mix from the whisk and sieve in the icing sugar/cocoa powder. (If you want plain meringue use plain icing and no cocoa powder)
– Using a metal spoon or spatula fold in the icing sugar.
– Put heaped tablespoons of the mix on the baking trays and bake for 1 hour until the meringue has a crisp shell.
– Place the meringues on a cooling wrack and leave to cool.

Topping Ingredients

- 500g frozen summer fruit
– 2 tablespoons of glace cherries, roughly 10
– 100ml red wine- 100ml cranberry or apple juice
– sugar to taste

- 100g chocolate grated
- 300ml double cream lightly whipped
- mint leaves finely sliced but extra for decoration if you fancy


- Pop all the frozen fruit and cherries into a saucepan with the wine and juice.
- Place the pan on a low heat and allow the fruit to defrost and warm up.
- When the juice and fruit are hot and the liquid is bubbling take off the heat.

- In a bowl whisk up the double cream until it starts to thicken but not too much.

- Crumble up the meringue in a glass or bowl, spoon the warm/hot fruit over it and serve with a blob on cream, sprinkle of grated chocolate and mint.
- I like doing this in little layers so you get a nice mix with each spoon full. 

It looks fabulous in the individual glasses.

Sew White Warm Fruit Chocolate Meringue Pudding Valentine's Day 5

Sprinkling with chocolate might seem messy but it really adds a lovely extra flavour that compliments the fruit and meringue so well.
It’s a fantastic sharing pudding.

Sew White Warm Fruit Chocolate Meringue Pudding Valentine's Day 6

I love making a huge plate full and allowing everyone to have it together around the table. It’s a great way to show off the meringues too!

Sew White Warm Fruit Chocolate Meringue Pudding Valentine's Day 7

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gifts with Chocolate at Home

Chocolate is a brilliant gift especially for Valentine’s Day. It’s so delicious and can be a very romantic present too. Here are two brilliant gifts that you would impress your partner with. The first would be lovely to make before hand and present ready made to enjoy on Valentine’s Day and the second would be a lovely gift for a foodie if you don’t feel as confident in the kitchen.

I will say this first that both of these kits are very very easy to use and you can make very tasty chocolate goodies. It takes barely any time and you don’t need any fancy equipment just a fridge and microwave.

Dark chocolate Truffle Kit

This would be a great kit to use and impress your partner with. I’ve shared these out with my friends and family and they all wanted to know where I got them from and didn’t believe I had made them from a kit.

Sew White chocolate at home truffles 1

These truffles come in a gorgeous hard shell with extra crumbly chocolate flakes on the outside. Four types of chocolate in one little treat isn’t bad. The round shells are included in the kit ready made so it’s a simple act of making the filling, piping it in, popping it into the fridge and then dunking the truffles in melted chocolate and coating with the shavings.

Sew White chocolate at home truffles 2

(Above) How gorgeous and shiny is the truffle!
(Below) The coating truffle station. Coating the filled truffles was a lot of fun.

Sew White chocolate at home truffles 3

The finished truffles on the plate ready to go back in the fridge to harden completely. I loved the flakey texture so much. Yum yum.

Sew White chocolate at home truffles 4

Dessert Canapes

These were very fancy and would be absolutely wonderful at a dinner party. They would make a great gift as they make something so gorgeous and it’s so easy.

Sew White chocolate at home dessert canape kit 1

Like the truffle kit this kit contains the shells and all you need to do is mix the mousse filling then decorate. It’s so easy and makes a very tasty canapé. I would recommend adding the milk for these gradually until the mousse is nice of thick and smooth. I found I didnt need all the milk, it would have been very runny if I had put it all in.

Sew White chocolate at home dessert canape kit 2

They look so beautifu! The mix of peel, nuts, truffle and hard chocolate shell is wonderful. You’ll want a few but one is really enough. I love that everything needed to create these chocolately treats is in one box (apart from the milk or cream).

Sew White chocolate at home dessert canape kit 3

Check out

Plus if you’re single, like me, you don’t have to share The finished truffles!

Bring on spring and get me a salad

After Christmas I was desperate for salad. I don’t know why but I’ve been craving fresh food and greens.

Even though at Christmas I ate very well and that did include the occasional side salad I really want the weather to warm up and start having lots of salads. I’m already excited to get my vegetable garden going again and grow some delicious things. After the success of last year’s tomato growing I want to see if I can beat the 11.5kg of baby tomatoes. I can’t believe how many tomatoes we had and they ripened from July to the end of September. By the end we were getting a little board of having tomatoes with everything! As soon as we didn’t have more we missed them!

So far in January I’ve trying to a few salads a week. I can’t really live on just salad alone at the minute as it’s a bit cold so it’s normally with something. I love a big salad with some lasagna. YUM YUM YUM.

As I love salad and do manage to grow some in the summer it’s never enough for my salad craving. I tend to buy Florette salad as it has a nice mix of leaves and is very affordable too. I love the peppery salad the best. I love that the leaves are always so fresh and still have that gorgeous crisp quality. 

My favourite salad to make is peppery Florette salad, mint, crumbled mozzarella, roasted tomatoes with a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice a pinch of salt and a little sprinkle of oregano and thyme. It is delicious and it’s what I made for the foodie bloggers afternoon tea party.

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_08
Florette has a really lovely selection of healthy salad recipes which have given me a lot of inspiration. Take a look.

Even though it’s cold it’s beautifully sunny today and sunshine makes me want to eat lots of fresh salad and vegetables. Bring on spring!

Foodie Afternoon Tea Party

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited to an afternoon tea party with a group of foodies and foodie bloggers. It was an incredible and wonderful afternoon/evening and I got to meet so many of the wonderful food bloggers who I follow online. We all bought a dish for the dinner and there were some incredible things on offer. I took my gorgeous olive bread and a roasted tomato salad with mint and mozzarella.

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_01

My gorgeous roasted tomatoes getting gooey in their dressing before serving.

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_03

Finished olive bread rolls ready to go.

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_04

The table from one end. Look at all the food!

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_05

The table from the other end! The amount of gorgeous food and the beautiful place settings and candles made is so special.

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_06

My salad ready for the table. Love roast tomatoes!

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_08

Tasty tart, my salad and the gorgeous brownies.

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_07

Heartshaped mozzarella with buffalo tomatoes

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_14

Baked cheesecake with fresh strawberries. Delicious.

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_09

Gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free chocolate and orange cake.

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_10

Intense, made with no butter and very chocolaty brownies and Galette du Bois.

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_11

Gorgeous Tiramisu – I had two!

Sew White Foodie Afternoon Tea Party_13

The lovely ladies who I was very lucky to finally meet and enjoy their bakes were


Karen www.lavenderandlovage.comLouisa

A big thank you to Farrah, who makes the amazing Moose Maple Butter, for organising it

Jane Asher Poundland Bakeware

Jane Asher has a great cake making following and her website is filled with so many things which I would love to try baking with. In 2014 there was a new range of her items launched at none other than poundland. I was rather curious to see how good these items would be but was reassured they would be reasonable if Jane Asher had put her name to them.

Jane Asher poundland baking

I bought a few rolls of greaseproof & baking paper, cake tin circles and a new sieve.

There is a huge amount of baking items in the Jane Asher range take a look here

There was a huge range and a few things I knew I had to buy and try. I went for the greaseproof paper, cupcake cake stand and a new sieve. The next day I went straight to the kitchen to make some cookies and try the greaseproof paper.

The brand new sieve is lovely too. It’s oddly deep and really helps to not get flour everywhere when I bake. I am very good at making a huge mess when it comes to sieving flour.The cupcake cake stand is really cute and is lovely to use for photographing bakes on using as a centre piece on the dining table. I plan to get another next time I go.

I loved the greaseproof paper came in such a huge length for only £1. The paper is nice and wide and with my baking sheets I usually have to cut pieces off or fold them to get it to fit.

The greaseproof paper is so so strong and brilliantly non stick. I would even go as far to say it is better than most greaseproof papers I’ve ever had. It hands down beats the really expensive paper I’ve bought from Lakeland and other bake shops. It is far better than any supermarket own brand I’ve tried. I’ve made the cycle journey to my nearest poundland store in Tooting on many occasions since discovering this to stock up. I’ve even bought it as presents for my baking friends.

If you are near a poundland shop I would thoroughly recommend stopping in for some baking supplies.