Raspberry, Chocolate and Cinnamon Milkshake

There is something special in a chocolate milkshake especially when you add raspberries too.
Then adding cinnamon helps take it to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Sew White Raspberry Chocolate and Cinnamon Milkshake recipe 1 

Lactofree have bought out a brand new milk flavour – chocolate! I love lactofree milk and now with chocolate I am so happy. I have been challenged to come up with milkshake which has chocolate milk in it. (What a hard job but someone has to do it). I have come up with a truly delicious and rather grown tasting raspberry, chocolate and cinnamon milkshake.
Chocolate and cinnamon is a combination that is popular in Mexico if my research is correct. I’ve added cinnamon to brownies before and it’s worked a treat so I thought I’d try it in milkshake.

Sew White Raspberry Chocolate and Cinnamon Milkshake recipe 2

I made this in the large cup of the nutri ninja. I used defrosted raspberries as they are so much juicer than fresh.

-2 bananas
-3 tablespoons of frozen (but defrosted) raspberries
-pinch of cinnamon (about a quarter of a teaspoon)
-chocolate lactofree milk
-decorate with mini marshmallows (optional be very recommended)


-Break up the banana and pop it in the large nutri ninja cup.
-Add the raspberries and cinnamon.
-Top up with chocolate milk to the fill line.
-Whizz until it’s smooth.
-Serve straight away and enjoy.
-Top with mini marshmallows.

The raspberries added a lovely red colour to the chocolate milk.

Sew White Raspberry Chocolate and Cinnamon Milkshake recipe 3

The marshmallows added a sweetness to the milkshake but I’d recommend having them next to the milkshake unless you have a straw big enough to stuck them up or you don’t mind getting milkshake covered fingers. They are so sweet next to the tart milkshake. Definitely a flavour combination which works.

Sew White Raspberry Chocolate and Cinnamon Milkshake recipe 4

I now need more chocolate milk so I can make more. Hoping my local tesco has some x

Corkers Crisps – Review

Crisps are a treat in my house so I only buy good quality crisps which have a lot of delicious flavour. My new absolute favourite are the crisps from Corkers. A family business, crisps with good flavours and a good price.

Sew White Corkers Crisps Review 1

The potatoes are grown on the family farm in Cambridgeshire and the factory is also located there so all the crisps are hand-grown and hand-cooked on site. Best friends Ross Taylor and Rod Garnham founded Corkers in 2010, diversifying the family farm from potatoes to hand-cooked crisps. Drawing on years of family experience and with their unique Naturalo potato, they set about creating the ultimate, non-greasy crisp with a natural crunch. The crisps are stocked at the Tate and National Trust properties, delis, farm shops and Waitrose stores.

Sew White Corkers Crisps Review 2

Their flavours include – Red Leicester and caramelised onion, sea salt, sea salt and black pepper, sea salt and cider vinegar, duck and hoisin Sauce, Sweet Thai Chilli, Mixed vegetables and pork sausage and English mustard flavour. the flavours are brilliantly strong and taste natural unlike some crisps which have that chemical flavour. It tastes good and is now easily my favourite crisp brand. I am hooked!

The family have been farming spuds since the 1800’s so have a lot of experience and knowledge they have put into their crisps. They have been awarded Potato Grower of the Year by UK Growers Award telling you they really do have the best spuds in the country.

There is a lot about food miles in the news at the moment and for Corkers Crisps you could throw a potato from one of the fields and it would hit the factory. It’s nice to know they haven’t got far to go. Plus they timed a potato from soil to packet and it took 42 minutes! That is staggeringly brilliant.

In 2014 they produced 10 million bags of crisps. That is bonkers!

The crisps have a great crunch and the taste as I said before is wondeful. The Thai flavour is rather nice.

Sew White Corkers Crisps Review 3

The mixed vegetable, sausage and mustard, duck and sea salt and cider vinegar have to be my favourite. I’d never had a beetroot crisp before and I’m now hooked. They are so delicious and I’m sure they count as one of my five a day.

Sew White Corkers Crisps Review 4

If you need me I’ll be in the sunshine with a cider and pack of delicious crisps.

I was given the crisps to review all opinions are my own.

Ice Cream Cone Cakes

Sew White cakemart review nordicware ice cream cones 1

There is a fabulous bakeware website called CakeMart which has an enormous amount of goodies you will want (be warned). The prices are very good and their brand selection is huge including one of my favourites, Nordic Ware. I was very lucky and given the opportunity to try anything on the website and I fell in love with this ice cream cone cake tin.

Sew White cakemart review nordicware ice cream cones 2

I decided to use a bundt cake recipe for the cone cakes as bundts have such a nice crush which holds shapes so well.
The cones are a good hand size each and is easily a large slice of cake in comparison.

Sew White cakemart review nordicware ice cream cones 3


-100g unsalted butter at room temperature
-220g caster sugar
-2 medium eggs
-200g plain flour
-half a teaspoon of bicarb
-small pinch of salt
-180g vanilla yoghurt
-half a teaspoon of vanilla extract


-Preheat the oven to 170°C/ 160c fan.
-Grease the cake tin with melted butter and dust with flour – this will help you see if you haven’t greased any spots.
-Cream the butter with the sugar until light and fluffy.
-Add the eggs one at a time.
-Add the yoghurt and mix well.
-Sieve out the flour, bicarbonate of soda and salt and add gradually the mixture.
-Spoon the mix into the greased and floured tin.
-Bake in the oven for about 35-45 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean. The cake will pull away from the edge of the tin when it is ready.
-Leave the cake to cool before removing from the tin.
-Allow to cool completely before icing.

Sew White cakemart review nordicware ice cream cones 4

I love that these cakes look so cute without icing. I wrapped them in homemade greaseproof paper wrappers (squares of paper folded) and tied them with twine and they looked so cute. I can’t wait to make these for picnics. It made them easy to hold when it came to eating them later while enjoying the sunshine.

Sew White cakemart review nordicware ice cream cones 5

How cute!

Sew White cakemart review nordicware ice cream cones 6

When it came to decorating I tried two different ways – butter cream to look like ice cream and then ice cream it’s self. I think they looked fabulous both ways. The butter cream would be brilliant for picnics and parties.

Sew White cakemart review nordicware ice cream cones 7

Having ice cream on the cakes was delicious. It was a real treat and I’d never had cake and ice cream before. The secret has been kept very well. Lots of ice cream and cake for me in the future. This ice cream was Kelly’s honey comb flavour – amazing ice cream which worked so well with the vanilla cake.

Sew White cakemart review nordicware ice cream cones 8

I have loved making these so much. They were so easy and so tasty – my favourite type of baking.

Sew White cakemart review nordicware ice cream cones 9

I was send the Nordic Ware pan to review. All opinions and the recipe is my own.

Giveaway – The Vintage Sweets Book

The Vintage Sweets Book by Angel Adoree

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Tea and Biscuits – Smarties Cookies

I love smarties cookies and I thought Id’ share my recipe for them.


Sew White Snips review biscuit box 2There should have been more smarties on the cookies but I ate them as I was mixing the mixture.


  • 60g of unsalted butter
  • 40g dark brown sugar
  • 50g caster sugar
  • 1 medium egg
  • 100g plain flour
  • ¼ tsp of baking powder
  • tiny pinch of salt
  • 60g rolled oats
  • ½ tsp of ground cinnamon
  • 150g smarties

If you want to make them more chocolatey, remove 20g of flour and add 30g of cocoa powder.


-Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, 160 degrees fan
-Cream together the butter and sugars until light and fluffy. Mix in the egg.
-Sieve in the flour, baking powder, cinnamon and salt.
-Add the oats and 100g of the smarties.
-The consistency should be slightly sticky. Add a little splash milk if it is too dry.
-Put heaped half teaspoons on to greaseproof paper lined baking tray and push down slightly and stud with the remaining smarties. Make sure the cookie heaps are far away from each other as the cookies will spread.
-Bake for 10-15 minutes until golden brown.

I am entering these into the Chocolate themed Tea Time Treat being hosted by Janie at The Hedgecombers and Karen at Lavender and Lovage.

Tea Time Treats

My favourite place to store my bakes at the moment is this fabulous biscuit looking box from Snips. It looks like a giant biscuit! Everyone who has spotted this in my kitchen has loved it!

Sew White Snips review biscuit box 3

 It’s incredibly air tight. So much so that it’s rather tricky to get the lid off. I absolutely love it and makes me smile everytime I see it my kitchen. Plus being able to see the cookies in it makes me happy too.

What goes well with cookies? Tea of course!

To go with my incredibly brilliant biscuit box is this superb tea caddy. It’s air tight too and the lid is silicone so it can be stored on it’s side in the tea cupboard which makes it easy to get out without having to move everything. It has been designed to fit the individual packets in. I have had tea caddies before which were just a tad small to fit the tea in – that seemed rather pointless so in the end I got rid of it. I love that tea caddy box has dividers too which makes my OCD tea organising happy.

Sew White Snips review tea caddy 1

 I love the silicone teapot design on the top and that it says exactly what it’s for.

Sew White Snips review tea caddy 2

I really love the kitchen gadgets from Snips. The items are so quirky but so brilliantly useful.

I was given the products to review. All opinions are my own as is the recipe.

Marlenka Cakes – Review

I was sent some unusual Marlenka cakes and sweet treats to try and review. They are unlike treats you find in the UK – they have a very European holiday flavour about them. They are rather nice and all have honey as the main ingredient. They proudly use quality ingredients while also strongly against the use of any artificial preservatives and colors so they have assigned a status of a natural product.

These honey nuggets with cocoa are a weird and filling treat. They are a like a huge pudding condensed into a small ball with the custard in the middle. They are nice and not as sweet as lots of cakes in the UK and are very filling. You really only need one or two to be very satisfied which means a packet lasts a few days which is nice.

Sew White Marlenka review 1

Out of all the Marlenka treats I was sent these snacks were my favourite. The citron flavour was like a super jaffa cake.
These are the best and I would love to try these again. They are great for lunch boxes too.

Sew White Marlenka review 2

Out of all the treats these were the weirdest ones. They were nice but odd. The walnuts and honey cake with the custard centre was nice and those I shared them with were intrigued to try more than one. We all agreed it was like a proper pudding in mouthful.

Sew White Marlenka review 3

These little cakes were really lovely with a cup of tea. It’s nice having a few slices of cake in a packet ready to go. I tried the honey flavour and gave the honey and cocoa to my retired next door neighbour to enjoy at her tea party she has every week for her and her friend. They seemed to like it a lot. They both kept saying ‘it’s not a normal cake is it’ and asked if I had more so I think they liked it.

Sew White Marlenka review 4
If you want to see what Marlenka Cake you can order them from their website

I was sent these items to review and was not paid for this review. All opinions are my own.

New Kitchen Gadgets from Snips – review

I love a kitchen gadgets and spending time in shops checking out things I didn’t know I needed and then want is something I do far too much. I have decided recently to only have pieces which are practical and useful, unlike so many things I’ve bought in the past which are only used a few times and then gets put in the back of cupboard and forgotten about. There is a fabulous company called Snips who do brilliantly fun and useful kitchen gadgets.

I want to share a few of my favourite and most useful pieces that are taking pride of place in my kitchen at the moment.
I really love that these items have been loved by my friends and family too. I’m surprised they haven’t been borrowed yet.

First up is the incredibly cute Mr Penguin ice cube tray. An ice cube tray with a lid. Yes a lid! I can never make ice cubes without loosing half the water while trying to close the drawer. For the first time I got the full size ice cubes and no spilled water in the freezer drawer. The lid also makes it fantastic for space saving as you can pop things on top or even stack more of them on top without disrupting the water and making puddles you have to chip out later.
The penguin is just a cute design addition to make it more fun and make you smile when you open the freezer.

Sew White Snips review mr penguin ice cubes 1

 What also surprised me was how big the ice cubes are. The mould looks like it would make medium size ice cubes but they are brilliantly large perfect for drinks to enjoy in this mini heatwave we are having.

Sew White Snips review mr penguin ice cubes 2

 Another brilliant freezer item from Snips is the Yoghurt ice box. A wonderful packed lunch size box which you can use for anything cold. The ice pack fits in to the lid and the white layer holds it in. The spoon fits in to the box too which nice. It’s a great size and I’ve been using it for my packed lunch to keep my fruit salad cold. After 5 hours in my handbag the fruit salad was perfectly cool and the ice pack still really cold.

Sew White Snips review yoghurt ice box 1

 The white mini lid layer helps keep juices/yoghurt from leaking out and it closes and is very secure. It is a little hard undo almost!
Just a little note – take the ice pack out as before you eat from it. The ice pack is heavy so might tip the box over.

Sew White Snips review yoghurt ice box 2

These are both briliant produce which I would recommend so much. My friends and family who helped me play about with this week all remarked ‘how clever’ and I think that the things. It’s so simply designed but so clever!

I was given these items to review. I was not paid for my review and all opinions are my own.

Red Pesto Pasta Simple Supper

It’s a glorious hot and sunshine filled day in London today and when it’s hot I don’t want to spend time over a hot stove making dinner. This very simple super is quick, tastes delicious and is pretty healthy too.

Sew White simple super red pesto pasta

Red pesto is made from pine nuts, tomatoes, basil and cheese. Plus a little chilli if you fancy it. You can make it yourself or most supermarkets tend to stock a nice size jar which feeds about 4 for £1.

Serves 4


- 200g red pesto
- 320g pasta bows (roughly 80g per person)
- 300g baby/plum tomatoes- chopped flat leaf parsley
- extra pine nuts to decorate if you want


- Cook the pasta as per instructions on the pack.
- Drain the pasta and pop into a bowl with the pesto, tomatoes and parsley and give it a good stir and serve straight away.
- Enjoy.