On Sew White’s Kitchen Table July 2015

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Welcome to my new monthly blog post called On Sew White’s Kitchen Table is a round up of all the delicious food and drink items I’ve loved and been sent this month.


This month I was sent these new Encona sauces to try. I whipped up some lamb kebabs and served them, after barbecuing them, with tasty salads and fresh home made bread. Both of the sauces were really lovely and the Amarillo chilli sauce was definitely the winner. The spice level was hot but really enjoyable. Even those who don’t like spice food were enjoying it. I think because it a little sweetness which work so well together. the Smokey Jalapeno was a sweeter taste which I think would incredibly well with a pulled pork burger.

SW KT Jacobs Creek

 To celebrate Wimbledon and the gorgeous weather I was given this lovely bottle of Jacob’s Creek. As an official Wimbledon partner it was only right to enjoy this while watching the Men’s final. The Classic Shiraz Rose was so light and fruity. It was lovely to drink on it’s own but also worked really really well with food and pudding. It really is a summery drink and enjoying it in the sunshine was a treat. A bottle of wine I’d really recommend.

SW KT Morrisons Pimms Kit

 I really loved that Morrisons this year helped all us Pimm’s addicts create delicious drinks with this kit. Plus as it was only a brilliant £2 (the price of the strawberries separately) technically all the other items were free. The Kit had the strawberries, an orange, lemon, mint and the cucumber. There was enough supplies in the kit to make 2 big batches of Pimm’s and make a lot of my friends and family very happy.

SW KT Parot Bay Mojito

 As a cocktail fiend I love the opportunity to try anything cocktail orientated I can enjoy from home. I tried the frozen raspberry cocktail from Parrot Bay a few weeks ago and I just discovered they do a mojito. I love mojito cocktails and this one is only £2.50 and dishes out a lovely 2 portions. Perfect to share with a friend. It is like a delicious alcoholic slushie. They take about 20 minutes to defrost enough to start drinking. It’s cool and alcoholic and so nice to enjoy in the warm evening in the sunshine.

SW KT Wimbledon chocolate

 A little chocolate treat from the Wimbledon shop – Wimbledon chocolate! I bought the strawberries and cream flavour, I had to really! It’s a really love nice chocolate and the strawberries and cream flavour isn’t too sweet and was really satisfying eat. The chocolate bars reminded me of chocolate bars I bought form museums on school trips. It was a weird lovely memory and I was happy to buy a new bar to add to that.

SW KT Castello Burger Blue 1

SW KT Castello Burger Blue 2

I come from a huge burger loving family. We love our home made burgers and blue cheese is often a topping we enjoy. It is annoyingly hard to cut into thin enough slices to lie on the burger without it breaking too quickly. I was sent a packet of Castello Burger Blue cheese slices to try with my burgers. They were perfect sized slices for a burger and even though they broke a little they worked really well and were enjoyed a lot. They were a nice width too. I find a lot of pre-cut cheese slices are so thin you don’t get a good bite, these were fat slices and were really satisfying! If you haven’t tried blue cheese on burgers you should. These slices are £2 per pack.

SW KT Jacobs Cracker Crisps

Jacob’s have just bought out a new snack – Cracker Crisps! They are a lovely mix of crackers and crisps and have been very popular in my house. I was sent these to try and it’s a lovely perk of blogging when you get to try something you really like. My favourite flavour was the sea salt and balsamic vinegar. They were a perfect amount of salt and the vinegar wasn’t too strong. I think I now prefer the cracker base instead of the regular thin crisp. These are all great to enjoy with pre-dinner drink.

SW KT Vita Coco

I was sent this lovely gift pack of coconut water from Vita Coco to enjoy in the sunshine. Coconut water is a bit of a weird flavour for me. I don’t really like it on it’s own but I really like it as a base for other smoothies and cocktails. I really like these little bottles as you get a lovely amount for a smoothie and the screw caps are lovely in case in you don’t use it all in one go, it’s easy to pop back in the fridge. Definitely best enjoyed cool.

If you fancy making my coconut water summer cocktail click the image below.

Sew White coconut cocktail 1
What do you think of my first kitchen table round up?

Following recipes on YouTube with Fragata

I was asked by Fragata to follow their new YouTube video to make their Seville Orange Marmalade & garlic glazed chicken wings created by Omar Allibhoy.

Sew White cook by Youtube 1

I of course said yes please. Chicken, orange and garlic are apart of my major food groups. The videos they have made all look lovely. You can check them out here. This recipe was so simple and brilliantly quick for a family dinner. Instead of chicken wings we used thighs and they worked really well. The needed a little extra time to cook but they were so juicy and the marmalade had soaked under the skin. I was surprised that at such a hot temperature the garlic cooked but didn’t burn. It was still soft and tasted brilliant with the orange and the chicken. So good!

I’d recommend watching the video all the way through before you start and then you know what is coming when you cook along at the same time. I served the chicken with new potatoes and a couscous salad. It was a lovely dinner and I will definitely be making it again.

Sew White cook by Youtube 2
Disclaimer-I was sent the marmalade and a voucher to buy the products so I could follow the video and make this dinner. All opinions are my own.

Time for a Coconut and Gin Cocktail

Sew White coconut cocktail 1

There is nothing better than a delicious cocktail to enjoy on a hot day. My new favourite thing to add to smoothies and cocktails at the moment is coconut water. I’m not a fan of coconut usually but adding it with other flavours works really really well. This weekend I made this simple and delicious coconut, pineapple and strawberry smoothie and made it in to a cocktail by adding a lovely measure of gin.

I made this in the blender and then used the smoothie to make the cocktail in the evening.

-330ml coconut water
-200ml pineapple juice
-250g fresh strawberries hulled
-a few mint leaves
-squeeze of lime juice

-Whizz it all together and serve.
-Add the gin to the drinks to taste to make it an alcohol cocktail.

Sew White coconut cocktail 2I love adding a strawberry and paper straw to the drink.

Check out these delicious coconut cocktails from amazing bloggers;
Cool down with a delicious Pineapple super smoothie by The Petite Cook
Something to enjoy in the sunshine – Tropical Smoothie by Tine and Thyme
A yummy and healthy breakfast – A simple Summer Smoothie Bowl by Rough Measures

Easy Summer Cherry and Chocolate Pudding

With such gorgeous warm days at the moment I really don’t want to put on the oven to make pudding, but I still really love a sweet treat so I’ve been experimenting with simple summer puddings. This take on an Eton Mess is delicious and is filled with cherries, chocolate brownie, meringue, lightly whipped cream with a dusting of cocoa powder.

cherry and chocolate pudding sewwhite recipe 1

 To make this pudding I used my two new kitchen gadgets from OXO Good Grips. The brilliant and useful cherry pitter £11.50 (also great for olives!) and the baker’s dusting wand £10.

cherry and chocolate pudding sewwhite recipe 2

 I loved the pitter as it was so quick and easy to use. The portion of cherries were done very fast and I’ve since used it for olives and I can’t believe I used to spend ages cutting pips out.

cherry and chocolate pudding sewwhite recipe 3

 The dusting wand is my new favourite kitchen gadget! I added a little bit of cocoa powder to it and dusted the finished pudding. It was a such a lovely light dust and completely lump free. Plus when I was done I could easily put any left over cocoa powder pack into the packet.

cherry and chocolate pudding sewwhite recipe 5

What is great about this pudding is you can make as much of the elements as you want. You can make the meringue or brownie or buy it ready done from the supermarket.

Ingredients – This makes about 6 nice medium size portions.
-4 Meringue nests
-Chocolate brownies (I used a pack of 20 brownies bites from Tesco)
-250g cherries
-300ml double cream
– Cocoa powder

-Whip up the cream until is starts to thicken up and set aside.
-Break up the meringue and put in a bowl.
-Pit the cherries and chop in half.
-Break up the chocolate brownies and put in a bowl.
-In the cups/bowls you want to serve them in start layering up with a mix of of all the lovely ingredients.
-Sprinkle a dusting of cocoa powder on top and serve straight away.
These can be made a few hours or even the day before you need them.

cherry and chocolate pudding sewwhite recipe 4

 I love the look of them with their cocoa powder dusting.

cherry and chocolate pudding sewwhite recipe 6

 I was was given the items by OXO for an honest review. The recipe is my own.

Pimm’s Cake – delicious and perfect for afternoon tea.

Pimm's Cake recipe Sew White 1

 Pimm’s is a highlight of summer and the flavours of it are something I absolutely love. While enjoying a glass in the sunshine last week I wanted to see how it would work in cake form. Challenge accepted. The results are this incredibly simple but delicious cake. I’ve already had orders for it to be remade at family events through the summer. Even friends who don’t like cake that much were raving about it.

I was given this round 8″ hard anodised cake tin by Stellar to try out for my cake. It is very strong but really light. I couldn’t believe how light! It has a fixed base so I used a greaseproof paper circle to make sure I could get the cake out! I greased the rest of the tin but sadly although it cooked the cake beautifully it isn’t a non stick tin. Even with a good grease the cake stuck and I had to cut it out. I would definitely use this tin again but next time I would make sure I lined it with greaseproof paper all the way round. The cake was cooked very evenly and I think that shows how good the cake tin.

Pimm's Cake recipe Sew White 2

 The finished cake you can see has a rough edge from the tin but it wasn’t too noticeable once it had been decorated.

To continue the Pimm’s theme I decorated the cake with a Pimm’s sugar syrup which soaked into the cake and left a lovely thin crisp surface. I then added a little drizzle of icing. once they had both dried I topped it with cucumber, strawberries and mint. I can’t believe how well the topping worked with the cake.

Pimm's Cake recipe Sew White 3

 To add a cuteness to the decorations I cut the cucumber and strawberries into slices and then used a little heart cutter to give me adorable heart decorations.

Pimm's Cake recipe Sew White 4

 How cute are these heart shaped strawberries!

Pimm's Cake recipe Sew White 5

 The lemon base cake was beautifully soaked through with the Pimm’s syrup and with the topping it really was a Pimm’s drink in cake form.

Pimm's Cake recipe Sew White 6

This recipe is based on a bundt cake recipe. To make it in a bundt tin double the recipe.
-100g butter
-220g white caster sugar
-2 medium eggs
-180g plain flour
1⁄4tsp bicarbonate of soda
-tiny pinch of salt
-3 tablespoons of Pimm’s
-180g lemon yoghurt (I used Sainsbury’s Fabulously Creamy Lemon Yogurt)

For the syrup
-100g caster sugar
-3 tablespoons of Pimm’s.
-1 tablespoon of water.


-Preheat the oven to gas 150 (fan) 160 (regular).

-Grease and line a 8inch cake tin.
-In the mixer cream together the butter and sugar until light fluffy.
-Add the eggs one at a time and mix in.
-In a separate bowl measure out and sieve the flour, bicarbonate of soda and salt.
-Add the yoghurt and Pimm’s into the butter/sugar/egg mixture and mix well.
-Mix the flour mix in slowly until all the flour has completely mixed in. Don’t overmix.
-Spoon the mix into the cake tin.
-Bake in the centre of the oven for about 40-50 minutes, until golden brown or until a skewer comes out clean.
-Allow the cake to cool in the tin before turning out.

-When the cake in cool enough to remove the pan remove it and put it on a wire rack to cool.
-Pierce the job of the cake with a toothpick.

-Make the syrup by putting the sugar, water and Pimm’s into a saucepan and on a medium heat allowing it bubble away until stirring it through out.
-When it starts to thicken (this takes about 5 minutes) remove from the heat and gently pour it all over the cake. The holes created by the toothpick will help it drizzle it’s way through the cake.
-When it has hardened which takes about 20-30 minutes add some extra icing is you want. I like it as it adds some extra sweetness so an already delicious cake.
-Top the cake with strawberries, cucumber and mint when you want to serve it. The toppings are moist fruit and will make the cake a bit damp if left too long.

Serve and enjoy.

Pimm's Cake recipe Sew White 7

Papa John’s 300th Store opening Wimbledon

Papa John’s pizza (my favourite takeaway pizza shop) has opened in Wimbledon! Hooray!
This shop is also their 300th UK store and to celebrate there was a huge 300 free pizza give away.

SewWhite Papa Johns 300 Wimbledon1

My friend and I got in the queue 20 minutes early and had the joy of a little stand up comedy from two Queen’s guards. They were very funny and made queuing in the heat a lot more fun. Plus they gave us some sweets to help us get through the long 15 minute wait to the pizza.

SewWhite Papa Johns 300 Wimbledon2

What every event needs, a town crier.

SewWhite Papa Johns 300 Wimbledon3

Then suddenly coming down Wimbledon Broadway was an open top bus with a brass band and Papa John himself over from the States waving to us all. The band was playing the American anthem and the nearly entirely British queue all unanimously cringed. It was all very American and we all found that very funny. 

SewWhite Papa Johns 300 Wimbledon4

Papa John himself was handing out the pizzas! Here is my friend and me with Papa John collection our pizzas. He was very funny and nice to us all.

SewWhite Papa Johns 300 Wimbledon5

Free delicious Papa Johns pizza. Even a small pizza I would class as medium.

SewWhite Papa Johns 300 Wimbledon6

Delicious. We enjoyed the pizzas in the sunshine and they were a great treat. Thank you Papa John!

SewWhite Papa Johns 300 Wimbledon7I love pizza.

Barbecued Pineapple with Ice Cream

Sew White barbecued pineapple with ice cream 1

 As the weather has been brilliant recently it was time to get out and dust off the barbecue and cook a glorious meal which of course had to be followed but a delicious pudding. I decided to go with a family favourite grilled pineapple with ice cream. Hot sweet, sour and juicy pineapple and cold creamy ice cream. A delicious mix.

Usually I buy tinned pineapple to do this but I decided to use the OXO Good Grips Pineapple Slicer (£9 available at Amazon) I was sent to review. I love fresh pineapple but after cutting myself while trying to cut on a few years ago I’ve never been brave enough to try it again. This kitchen gadget worked so well and sliced and peeled in minutes.

Sew White barbecued pineapple with ice cream 2

 You cut the pineapple head off to the line on the tool. You place it on top and start turning. Make sure you keep the pressure the same so you get the same thickness on all the rings. I had a few thin layers but it worked so well. I unraveled it and cut it up and took it to the barbecue. I can’t believe how well it worked.

Sew White barbecued pineapple with ice cream 3

 For the ice cream I used the OXO Good Grips trigger ice cream scoop (£10 you can get it at Amazon). It is amazing the metal is thin so it cuts through the ice cream quickly and the trigger makes it it so easy to get the ice cream out. It’s already become the most used kitchen gadget in the last week thanks to the gorgeous hot weather. I would really recommend this ice cream scoop. It’s well made and should last a long time. Plus it was very easy to clean.

Sew White barbecued pineapple with ice cream 4

 I placed the pineapple on the barbecue and flipped them after a few minutes. I tried to not move them so they would have the lovely grill lines on. Serve them straight away with a scoop of ice cream and enjoy.

Sew White barbecued pineapple with ice cream 5

A Sunday in the sunshine with a glass of Pimm’s

It’s a glorious sunshine filled Sunday in July and what is better than a glass of Pimm’s.

Sew White Judge double walled glasses pimms review 1

I was given these beautiful double walled glasses to review from Judge. The double wall helps keeps the drinks cool and makes the glasses look stunning. Everyone who has seen them as picked them up and given them a look. “The glasses have a thermally insulated ‘air pocket’ design to create the ultimate drinking experience. Hot drinks remain hotter for longer, while the outside of the glass remains cool to the touch. Cold drinks can be as icy as ever you wish, and yet the outer glass will stay condensation-free.” I was told by a few people that they look like laboratory test tubes and should be used for experiments. They are unusual but I think the illusion of the drinking hanging in the middle of the glass looks amazing. It’s nice having a very visually pleasing drink like Pimms with all the fruit in them as you are drawn to look at them more than regular glasses.

Sew White Judge double walled glasses pimms review 2
I love them so much. It’s nice to enjoy a delicious drink and enjoy the glass too.

Sew White Judge double walled glasses pimms review 3

In the Pimm’s I had strawberries, mint, orange and nectarines. The nectarines I had needed using and they really added something to the drink – The Pimm’s infused nectarines were delicious. I’m going to have to try these combined in some other way soon!

Sew White Judge double walled glasses pimms review 4

 There are eight different varieties available and they can all be used for hot and cold drinks. I really like the look of the coffee cups. Their shapes are so cute. I would really recommend these glasses. Judge-Double-Wall-Glassware-Group-1

Wimbledon Afternoon Tea – Super Scones

I love Wimbledon and each year for all of my life we’ve always had an afternoon tea to celebrate the good weather and good sport. This year I decided to be make scones from scratch to have with tea and coffee. As there is so much gorgeous fresh fruit available having them with strawberries was a treat.

Sew White Wimbledon afternoon tea orange scones 1

I was given these fabulous items to use for the afternoon tea. The gorgeous rosebud two tier cake stand is from Premiere Housewares (RRP £18.99 you can find it on amazon). It is so lovely and is a sturdy too. the metal pieces are strong but I’d still recommend transporting it by holding the lower plate. It doesn’t wobble which is nice. I’ve had so much fun using it and everyone has loved it. The straight edge circular cutter from Judge were really brilliant. They were sharp on one edge but had a lovely rounded rim handle at the other so you don’t cut yourself when using them. They also come in a tin which makes them easier to store and not become dented.

Sew White Wimbledon afternoon tea orange scones 2

I love cutting out scones! The dough is so springy it makes it really satisfying to press out the circles.

Sew White Wimbledon afternoon tea orange scones 3

Pressed out and ready on the greaseproof paper for their brushing with the milk and egg mix before the oven. Then the gorgeous risen scones, golden brown and ready to eat.

Sew White Wimbledon afternoon tea orange scones 4

Here are the finished scones on the beautiful cake stand. I used my Wimbledon tea towel as the background. I love the blue duck egg colour so much. it compliments the food and helps really makes them look delicious.

Sew White Wimbledon afternoon tea orange scones 5

The scones are adapted from a Mary Berry recipe.
Makes approx 12-15 5cm scones.
-450g self raising flour
-2 teaspoons of baking powder
-75g unsalted butter
-50g caster sugar
-2 large eggs
-225ml milk
-1 orange

Clotted cream and jam

-Line 2 baking trays with greaseproof paper.
-Preheat the oven to 220ºC/ Fan 200º.
-Sieve the flour and baking powder into a large mixing bowl.
-Add the butter and rub together to make bread crumbs.
-Stir in the sugar.
-Grate the orange finely and add the zest to the mix.
-In a jug lightly beat the eggs and add milk up to 300ml (you might not use all the milk from the ingredient list or you might need a little more).
-Add a little a time to the dried ingredients and mix with your hands until you get a soft dough. (slightly sticky is fine). Save a little of the egg milk mix for the glaze.
-On a lightly floured surface gently knead the dough and roll out the dough to 2cm thick.
-Stamp out the scones using round cutters. I like ones about 5cm in diameter.
-Place on the baking trays and using a pastry brush glaze them with the left over milk and egg mix.
-Bake for 10-15 minutes until golden brown.
-Allow to cool on a wire wrack with a clean tea towel on to stop them drying out.
-Once they are cool enough to eat. Cut in half add clotted cream and jam.
-Enjoy with a cup of tea!

Sew White Wimbledon afternoon tea orange scones 6

As there is a heated debate about which goes on the scone first cream or jam I decided to do both and see which were the most popular. It seemed that cream first was the winner!

Sew White Wimbledon afternoon tea orange scones 7

A delicious afternoon tea ready to be enjoyed.

Sew White Wimbledon afternoon tea orange scones 8