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  • Tron

    July 11, 2011Sew White

    I watched Tron on Saturday night and I had forgotten in the months since I saw it at the IMAX in London just how good it was. The music especially was outstanding- Daft Punk totally go up in my estimation…

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  • Donnie Darko

    July 5, 2011Sew White

    I had completely forgotten about how much I loved this movie! I was in HMV checking out their sale and I found a Donnie Darko DVD. I had completely forgotten about this movie. To my shame. Also to my shame…

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  • Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire 2

    July 4, 2011Sew White

    Fred and Ginger in COLOUR I found this DVD in my collection yesterday and thought I would write about it. I know a lot of people are very against watching films in black and white, but the pity is on…

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  • Puffin Classics

    July 2, 2011Sew White

    I recently received a postcard from a friend and it had pictured on it the spines of the most successful of the Penguin Classic books. I had forgotten about so many of these great books and even though they are…

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  • Time for Tea – English Breakfast

    June 24, 2011Sew White

    ITs time for a cup of tea I think. This week I am reviewing Morrisons Speciality English Breakfast Tea I decided to go for a different supermarket own brand this time. A good regular cup of tea with no air…

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  • The internet is full of cats

    June 23, 2011Sew White

    It is true there are hundreds and hundreds of pages on the internet dedicated to cats. Two of the most famous at least to cat lovers and jokers is Lol Cats and I Can Has Cheezburger. If you haven’t heard of this…

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  • A Time for Tea- Review

    June 18, 2011Sew White

    Its time for tea today as I review another tea. This weeks tea is the Chai Tea from Mark and Spencer I know I should have picked a different supermarket or brand of tea this week but I was in…

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  • War Horse

    June 14, 2011Sew White

    War Horse by Michael Morpurgo I thought I would write about this book today as I think its incredible! It took me a while to get round to read it as I thought it was children’s book. I grew up…

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  • Great Dresses from Great Movies

    June 7, 2011Sew White

    I love a costume drama. Big dresses and a great story- what else could you possibly need? This post all beautiful dresses from films for you to look at. If you haven’t seen these films I suggest you do! First…

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  • June is Busting Out All Over

    June 3, 2011Sew White

    To celebrate the happiness of the summer months finally arriving I thought I would write about this brilliant song from the film Carousel 1956 by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, directed by Henry King. Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II…

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  • Singin’ in the Rain

    May 31, 2011Sew White

    Singin’ in the Rain! What a film. What a classic. What a musical. Due to the huge amount of rain London seems to be having today I thought Singin’ in the Rain would be a great post to start this…

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  • Tea Review 2- Pluckley Tea

    May 23, 2011Sew White

    Today I thought I would write about TEA. I love tea. It is the second blog about TEA! The tea for examination today is The Pluckley Tea by The Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company A lovely cup of…

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